Sunday, February 22, 2015

Digital business models final paper

This particular course was different because I was a lot more interested in the subject than I am usually. It actually got me into buying a pile of marketing books and I'm definitely not a heavy reader. Growth Hacker Marketing is the one I'm reading at the moment and on my self there is a piece from Guy Kawasaki called The Art Of Social Media and one from the founders of Vapa Media waiting to be read and a long list on my Adlibris' account waiting my next paycheck.

Now as the course has finished I find myself with two new app icons on my iPhone screen; LinkedIn and Instagram. I was a little bit sceptical towards these new communication channels but this course changed that and now I see how they can be helpful in so many ways. Instagram of course is more fun, but with LinkedIn it's so easy to connect with professionals from your area of expertise or another and it definitely can help you getting a job. I have also started to being more active on Twitter since the course started. Thanks Ilkka for mentioning Jeff Bullas many times during the course, I follow him now on Twitter and he is so great because through him I get so many hands-on advices about social media or digital marketing in general. This blog was actually created before the course for one job application I did, but it was good I had it up already and in the future I will definitely take a more closer look at what more could I do with it.

I think the most important content of the course was that it gave us so many different examples of digital business and communications that we realised the big picture and now everyone can more easily figure out what their own object of interest is and continue to learn more about that. In the future it would be nice to have courses that are going to dig deeper into one or two specific sections at a time. 

Overall this was the most interesting and inspiring course so far. Looking forward to see what's next!

Olli Kaunomäki

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  1. Thank you for a positive feedback on the course. Nice to hear you have learnt something and are interested in tryung new applications. :)